Create Impressive Corners in Your Home with These DIY Ideas


We all want Change in our home decor. Sometimes we have to give a sudden makeover to the home decor or just want to add some creativity and grace to the normal setting. It may be due to many reasons including; weather changes, some guests coming for vacation or just because of a family gathering at home after a long time. We want our homes to look clean, unique and comfortable to everyone, that’s all.  There are times when we need to update the decor but the budget does not allow us. Your creative insights can become your greatest strength at that time. Even on low budget, you can alter the look and add uniqueness by following some ideas presented here to help you successfully win the challenge. Work on the corners of your house instead the whole and you will be amazed to see the results.


Give one wall in the room a dose of pattern and color. Instead of painting the whole room and spending much money simply, work on one corner and make it the focal point. You can even do it by yourself if you know the technique and have tools and paint.

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Create an inspirational corner for yourself too. You can craft this triangular shaped shelf for placing and displaying the things that you like or you use in your leisure time. You can place your knitting tools, books, paints, coffee mugs, candles, plants or your personal music player on that shelf. This personalized corner of yours will remind you to spend some time for yourself.

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If you are short of budget to buy the direly needed side tables to be placed next to your wicker chair then don’t worry at all. You can create your own side tables by following the idea given in below picture. You just need two metal sheets, wooden rounds, glue, and paint. You will be surprised to see the light weighted and adorable side tables crafted by yourself.

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Bring out all your old and surplus wall hangings from the store room and create an artistic gallery wall for your living room. You can even gather the art from the internet by taking colored prints and framing them by the cardboard or simply pasting them in broken wooden frames.

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Who dislikes to create these DIY glittery white mason jars.  You are going to love this project as they are so versatile and graceful to be placed anywhere in the house. There is a lot you can do with them. Either place your dry flower arrangement in them, use them as candle jars or just hang these decorative jars anywhere you like.

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Create this wonderful loft for your kid’s playtime. This saves the space and gives a neat look by placing all play toys in the loft. This is the kids’ all-time favorite thing to have a loft in their room. Even you will love to spend some time there with the kids. So must try this affordable hack in your home.

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Next time you are not going to waste the unused PVC pipes from your home. Here in the below idea, exquisite and trendy spring centerpieces are created just by spraying gold paint to the old PVC pipes. You can create also for your home and add some style and trend to your tables.

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Craft a rustic console for your lounge from the pallet wood. There is no need to paint or polish as the natural look of pallet wood will make it look more artistic and genuine. This console can be used for various purposes but is best for using it as a coffee bar.

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