All Time Favorite, Easy and Colorful Recipes Ideas


As the festive season arrives the demand for yummy treats especially the desserts and snacks upsurges. There will be more gatherings, teatime fun, weekend hangouts and family dinners. It could be very challenging for you to manage the table with food treats that are quick, easy, delicious and sufficient. When you feel that it’s going to be a guests month ahead, list out dishes that you are perfect with and also try some new recipes in that list to add more charm for yourself. Here we have provided some best recipes that are very easy, delicious and ready to serve.


We all love traybake recipes. It’s fun to cook them as they are so easy and nutritious as well. This below Harissa Chicken Traybake is the perfect dish to cook when you have the sudden arrival of guests and dinner time is just on the clock. Put all ingredients and the marinate chicken in spicy harissa sauce in a baking dish and just bake until tender.

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This recipe is simply fabulous. Especially no worries for the weight watchers with this low-calorie serving on the table. These smoked salmon pin rolls are the perfect party appetizer. They’re made appetizingly gluten-free and grain-free. Sipping your favorite cocktail or fruit punch will be so refreshing with these salmon spin rolls.   

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So, here we present you a new fun and savory recipe treat. You will experience the real joy of pasta with this amazingly sumptuous recipe of Chicken Milanese with spaghetti. Serve this aromatic cuisine topped with fresh basil, parmesan cheese scattered all over.

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These Mini Pot pies are the perfect option for those who love the warm recipes on wintry nights. These excitingly delicious mini pot pies are a healthier and warmer choice. So what’s inside the treat? It’s all shredded chicken, carrots, broccoli, celery and peas. What a nourishing combination. Must try this for your guests tonight.

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Add some friskiness in the dinner tonight with these beer mug cupcakes with Baileys filling. Decorate these cupcakes with frothy cream to give a look of bear mugs. Your guests will love this creative sweet dessert surprise and kids especially will crave for more. These festive cakes can be served for various occasions and parties.

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Who says no to the all-time favorite Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza. This recipe could be regarded as the easiest and quickest homemade pizza recipe. This sumptuous pizza topped with Indian tikka Masala and mozzarella is the best ever combination enriched with the exotic blend of spices and flavors. It’s sooo yummy to resist.

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Don’t worry if you eat gluten free. It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the sweet desserts on holidays. These gluten free pumpkin tarts will completely satisfy your sugary cravings and you will love to have them in future too. They are simply cute, well portioned and hampered with warming taste.

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Cakes and pastries do not require to be in good taste only but also good in appearance. There are so many ways to make your cakes and pastries look fabulously exciting and captivating. This patterned roll cakes recipe is best to add liveliness and creativity among the desserts served in the party.

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