Amazing Art and Crafts ideas for Home Decor


Skip the professional decorator and whip up your own homemade decor instead. With only a few supplies, these easy craft projects will spruce up the place in no time. Small decorating projects can freshen up your home and be inexpensive. Try one or two of these budget-friendly fixes for an instant update. There are many fabulous DIY ways to achieve a more expensive look when it comes to your living space; and most importantly, these great ideas will let you have a luxurious home decor without blowing your budget! In order to help you, we have collected some easy and cheap solutions in this collection.

Decoration Crafts Project Ideas - mini champagne bottles glitter, floating blush hydrangea globe, dining room flower jug, wooden snowflake door hanging, leaves light pole, embroidered strainer art

Nothing could be more energizing and exciting than a beautifully decorated breakfast table. There are various ways to make your breakfast table exceedingly inviting, although keeping it Simple is best of all. The pretty striped runner and napkins could really make a difference in the presentation of your breakfast table.

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Flowers always add beauty, color and charm to the environment. There fragrance can brighten up the day making you feel refreshed and happier. Whenever you place fresh flowers in your house, you will feel more energized and delighted. Here is a way to preserve flowers for a long time protecting them from the destructive mouths of small beasts.

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It’s great to have some illuminated decor around the house, these copper wire light décors look as a centerpiece on the dining room table or hanging up in the hall. You will feel to make more once you place them somewhere. This is an easy fun craft it did get a bit messy at times, and sticky. However, it was nothing that couldn’t be quickly cleaned up.

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Spend a day with your kids and help them to make this colorful paper wreath. Add paper cutouts, buttons, sequins or gold coins with hot glue for embellishment and finishing look. Attach a ribbon at the top for hanging.  The craft is perfect for everyday decor, the wreath can also easily be embellished for any holiday.

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Clean the labels off your mini-champagne bottles using a mixture of olive oil and baking soda. Work your way down the bottle, first applying glue and then glitter. After the gold glitter, apply the mixed shade, and then the solid pink to complete the ombre design. You can mix more shades of pink and gold to create further gradients but since these bottles are so small three shades work perfectly.

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Stencil a cushion or pillow with doilies. You can give your outdoor canvas cushions a bit of a makeover by using doilies as stencils to paint pretty patterns on them. You will love this craft as it is so easy to do. It’s going to be your favorite kind of craft, cheap, fun and little effort for great results.

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So when the coming winter season knocks your door. You are going to welcome it with this beautiful wooden snowflake door hanger. That’s going to be is a winter holiday spin on your entrance door. Turned out to be a fun little project.

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You could use this idea for any party, really. Each centerpiece requires one glass bubble bowl, one bag of sand, and three – four faux flowers. Wash your bowl (with gentle cleanser or glass cleaner) and dry thoroughly. Add one bag of sand and even it out. Place your faux flowers in each bowl. That’s it, you’re done.

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This is a unique and more stylish wreath idea. It gives this such a clean modern feel compared to using a normal wreath form, don’t you think also it has the built-in hole at the top that perfectly fits with a push pin. It’s really easy. You can totally make this during your naptime while you watch TV.

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If you’re looking for a project that is easy and cheap but looks like something you might buy in a store, I’ve got the perfect one for you!  These watercolor painted mugs have a marbled effect and are also dishwasher and microwave safe. NO special skills or tools and take less than half an hour of your time.

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You would just love getting into this new embroidery project. It’s so satisfying to see it accomplished, and as a bonus you will get your fingers fixed over the new stitches. Creating something that will look tremendously beautiful and purposeful will give you a great level of confidence.

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Here is an inspirational idea to decorate your transparent umbrella. You can incorporate leaves to give an autumn feel and I have got to tell you, you would love the results! The pops of color completely transformed the umbrella into a fashion statement that you will love. You can do this with any umbrella.

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You will love to recycle these pieces, the wine bottles, water bottles or soda bottles (glass bottles of course) can be used very nicely in different compositions playing with the heights and shapes of the bottles. It definitely gives a special touch to any corner of your home.

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Spruce up your next party or get together with these festive confetti-filled balloons. Using homemade confetti these balloons make the perfect addition to photo backdrops, look great hung behind cake tables, and make for festive and fun party decor. If you have kids, enlist their help as this is a fun project for all ages!

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Projects like this often make a particular look more affordable, but the real satisfaction comes from being able to use your own two hands to create exactly what you would buy from the store. Doing so will recharge your creative muscles and make you think through how something is constructed, Children will be able to notice the small details and what makes that particular item special.

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This DIY Canvas Tote Bag is perfect as a gift bag for the birthdays to put presents in. You can easily find  found these tote bags at any local dollar store and it would be a great idea to make some bags for your Grandma’s for Mother’s Day.

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