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We have gathered here some out of the box ideas to give your home a pretty classic look simply by handicrafts items that you can easily create from waste stuff or repurposing the old things. You can find in the below article everything from wall hangings, party decoration, picture frames, wall mirrors to decorative accessories simply crafted from paper. Most of these projects are so simple, easy and quick that you can complete them within a day. Some accessories are so wonderful that you can even gift them to someone and save money as well. You can even arrange a mini exhibition inside your house where you can market these crafts and earn a good amount out of it.

Arts and Crafts Projects Ideas - faux stained glass mosaic, egg shell mosaic vase, diy pretty fantastic wooden door mat, easily paper chandelier orb light, crepe paper rose heart inexpensive

Here we have presented a pretty DIY Acrylic flower box project that is an amazing idea to craft a beautiful home decoration piece. The Acrylic box is an easy way to quickly decorate roses in an adorable way. Must craft this custom designed flower box for your upcoming flower decoration.

For DIY Details: instructables

DIY Crepe Paper Rose Heart is the best valentine’s decor or birthday arrangement. It’s the perfect addition in your cool valentines love expressions and is very easy to make. You can handle the project easily and can complete it within an hour. Must craft this project especially if you are short on budget.

For DIY Details: makeit-loveit

Sculptural paper orb lights looks extremely elegant and adorable. These paper globe lights are ideal, easy to make and light weighted that you can hang anywhere. You can view the DIY details in the tutorial link mentioned below. We believe that this DIY paper lamp will add texture and beauty into your room and you will definitely be inspired to craft this project for your room.

For DIY Details: designsponge

This wooden front door mat looks exceedingly pretty outside the door. You can craft this at your home with some technical skill and expertise. You can add more impact to this mat by placing flower pots on the sides and wreaths on the door. The combination of all these little touches will make your front door very inviting and lively.

For DIY Details: shadesofblueinteriors

Faux stained glass mosaic luminary. You will be immensely fascinated to see the magical light effect emerging from the simple shapes when arranged into a structure as shown in the picture.  You can simply made this lamp and it’s always very fun to try and create new ones. You will always amazed at how beautiful they are, even when the shapes are so simple.

For DIY Details: craftsbyamanda

Craft this puzzle art project for your boy’s room makeover. Want to impress everybody you know? Learn how to make this Handmade puzzle art wall hanging with simple and easy steps. The first thing you want to do is to dye all your puzzles in blue color. This is going to be an easy and beautiful project, so you won’t need much to worry.

Source: shadesofblueinteriors

This cute little valentine day kiss treat box is a pretty idea to wish your loved one a valentine wish. You will be fascinated by the idea and will be wanting to make more. You can also gift these boxes to you friends as a gesture of courtesy and they will definitely adore your creativity.

For DIY Details: littleredwindow

Oversized Cross Stitch American Flag can be well created from the old broken cane chair. This is one of the best projects that can be ideally crafted by repurposing the leftover parts of old broken cane chair. The transformation of this cane chair frame looks extremely surprising and heartening.

For DIY Details: sadieseasongoods

Here is the enticing DIY idea to decorate eggs with glitter and prepare a funky basket having glittered eggs, ribbons or anything you like to elaborate the prettiness of the project. Most of these projects are so simple, easy and quick that you can complete them within a day. Some accessories are so wonderful that you can even gift them to someone and save money as well.

For DIY Details: lilluna

This is a quick, simple and easy DIY Sand Art Succulent Planter that you will be able to complete only in one evening.  All that is needed to complete this project are succulent plants, glass containers, vases and colored sand. Clean the vases thoroughly and then paint the sand to form a pattern and let the project spark.

For DIY Details: alittlecraftinyourday

We all aspire for some elegant and unique lighting elements in our home to create an enthralling home ambiance. This DIY drum could be efficiently used to create an exciting lighting trend that could enhance the impact of the whole decorative theme of your home. Must have this customized lighting lamp for your home.

For DIY Details: makeit-loveit

We are confident that you will be excited by this super awesome egg shell mosaic vase that will be something adorable and pretty to be displayed around any corner of the house. Elaborate the beauty by decorating it with pink ribbon or any color you like.

For DIY Details: craftsbyamanda

Here we have for you the perfect addition into your Valentine’s Day decor. It is something that will surprise your loved one and give him or her a very special and delighted feeling. This is fabulous and is very easy to make without crashing your wallet. You can complete this project in a day.

For DIY Details: makeit-loveit

Decorate these vases with the burlap flowers. They are a great addition to the existing decor of your house. These flowers are very unique and will be extremely captivating. This project is worth doing and the compliments will make you feel more confident and delighted.

DIY: designdininganddiapers
For DIY Details: alittlecraftinyourday
For DIY Details: littleredwindow
For DIY Details: lilluna
DIY: designdininganddiapers
For DIY Details: lilluna