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Having an exciting and attractive garden area is what we all dream for. However, despite getting motivation from the beautiful pictures of home gardens available on the internet, only a few of us actually try to create one of our own. It is generally believed that garden decor requires a lot of money, time and energy, while many of us agree to spend time and energy but couldn’t afford the heavy investment. Believe! we have gathered here for you some low-cost creative ideas that will really work in transforming your lawn, patio, front or back yard into a lively and refreshing green space that you dream of.


Try to Create the best landscape in your garden and make it your sitting place. Stones and rocks are everywhere and you can have a fine collection of them to create an artistic structure with the combination of wood, metal, and dim lights. You will be amazed to see how trendy and classy look it will have.

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Do not plant monotonous plants that give merged look. Try to play with the varieties that are apparently different from each other.Here from this picture, you can have an idea to grow plants of different appearance and feel.

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Make your plants captivating in a playful way. You can give a theme to each and every plant by utilizing other things like toys, accessories, jewelry, stones, crockery and even fabric in the planters and pots. Garden is a space of freedom. So, freely express your creative insight to make an exciting place for your family and friends to spend a refreshing time.

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it is very important to add neatness and symmetry to your outdoor space. Proper sectioning of plants will also help you to differentiate and manage accordingly. You can create borders of flowers, bricks, and blocks for the partition purpose. Adding Symmetry in your plant arrangement will add a feeling of completeness into your garden.

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Pebbles and rocks are the best things to play within your garden space. They are so versatile to be creatively employed anywhere to fulfill the purpose. Show off your style and add the finishing touches to your garden with the help of these pebbles and rocks.

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Decorating Your Garden in an enchanting way will depict the lively and happening dimension of your own personality. it will show how nurturing and grateful you are towards the life. The way you utilize minor things in the garden to beautify it looks will actually show your perception of giving importance to the small things in life. So, a garden will speak your words. it will not be a garden rather, it will be an expression of your nature.

Bubble Fountain
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If you don’t want to utilize all your outdoor space for growing grass then, you can easily follow below pattern in which small blocks are created to grow flowers while the rest area is covered with stones to give a solid and deft look.

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Use natural ways to create unique things. When you will start finding out ways to craft creativity, you will be amazed to know how creative you are. Everyone is creative It just needs a focused mind with a purpose to be inventive and exploring. See how beautifully flowers are planted in this wooden frame to create an exquisite piece of art. Nature is actually made to complement each other, it depends on us how we bring things in relation.

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