Awesome DIY Teen Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas


This is the right place if you have been searching for creative ideas to decorate your teenage girl bedroom. Teenage is all about fun, innovation, energy and enthusiasm, so it must also be reflected in a way a girl room looks. Teenagers, especially girls’ want to have an entirely different looking bedroom in which every corner of the room shows unique features about their own personality. They usually dream for a room that is more than just a place to sleep. They aspire for an amazing, wonderful place where they can escape from the conditioned and formal world.


Here we recommend adding color to one of the most boring looking walls of your teenage girl bedroom by creating an impressively looking yarn banner. Yarn banner is an awesome option especially in winters as it also gives a warm and at the same time a lively mood in the room. You will be free to play with yarn of different colors and express your aesthetic sense in a frisky way.

For DIY Details: creativebug

You can create a fabulous looking graphic door just with the help of cheaply available black or any colored tape. It’s very costly to buy a wallpaper, especially if you teenage girl likes different patterns in her room. So, the simplest way is to utilize the doors and tape for creating different abstract patterns that will resultantly look like an exquisitely created graphic door.

For DIY Details: ispydiy

Teenage girls love to have in their room an entirely unique comfort corner where they can enjoy reading, thinking or just relaxing and feel independent. Hammock chair can be easily created at home with resilient ropes and colorful canvas. Hammock chair is undeniably the best idea for crafting a funky comfort corner in your girl’s room.

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In the below project we have utilized surplus and unwanted pallet crates usually available in our homes to create an awesome creative storage place for your teenage girl room. Extra storage space is truly important in a girls room as they have a lot of stuff including books, stuffed toys, jewelry, shoes and bags that you want her to place at a solitary place rather throwing at random places of the room.

For DIY Details: thediyplaybook

If your girl is nature-loving, then she must be wanting indoor plants in her room to enjoy nurturing them. Seeing them grow would be pleasing for her too. We recommend you to use cheaply available and durable macramé hanging planters to fulfill the purpose. We know that It is always difficult to place plants in the already limited space so hanging them in macramé planters is the best option and creative as well.

For DIY Details: modcloth

Teenage girls room are usually messed up with the cords of chargers, earphones, data cables, I-pods, and laptop. Charging cords flinging from every corner make the room look untidy and jumbled. As in the below picture, you can create an endearing charging box by utilizing fancy shoe boxes or other such unwanted boxes to transform them into this much-needed charging station for your teenage girl room.

For DIY Details: centsationalgirl

A variety of decorative tassels are available in markets at cheap rates, also you can make one with the help of leftover yarn at your home or simply you can use unwanted tassels that are broken from your curtains, cushions, bags or other related items. You can create an amazing decorative wall tassel for your teenage girl room. It’s lovable to create this hanging to add a summery touch to the girl’s space.

For DIY Details:  potterybarn

Utilizing a geometric patterned canvas or an unwanted bed sheet with a desired geometrical print could be engrossed for covering a bad looking wall of your teenage girl room. This will be the unique idea to craft a chick and stylish room corner that is not only incredibly inexpensive, but it’s also incredibly easy.

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Teenage girls love heart shaped stuff. They love to have them placed around them in the form of soft toys, cushions, frames and much more. So keeping in mind the hearty desire of your girl, creating a crochet heart bunting at home by yourself will be an entertaining activity for you as well. Believe me! It will be something uniquely teeny and cute that your girl will always love to be hanged in her room

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