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To adorn and beautify the place where you live, is the natural instinct of human beings. We, constantly, look for the ideas and ways to decorate our homes, gardens or even workplaces and any place of concern. Usually, we have a bombardment of products and decorative stuff in the market. But, still, we seek for uniqueness and comfort. Most important is the fact that we look for stuff which is a treat to the eye and does have a meaningful purpose, adapting to the requirement of our space. The best option, in that case, is to customize and build on your own ideas. Here we have a number of projects for you, easy on your budget and will add to the utility and exquisiteness of your home, garden or just anywhere!

If you have a huge property or have a nice backyard in a countryside setting, then, here is a unique and beautiful idea of building a boardwalk from your backyard towards your house. This wooden platform will bring ease of walk to you. It’s winged design will cater to the placement of hand-painted palm planters.

Source: diynetwork

If you are interested in island kitchens, then there is this distinctive hexagonal kitchen top. Its two-level steps segregate the dining and cooking area. The oak wood cabinets provide ample space for storage. The granite-colored marble top can be altered according to your color choices. An option of electric sockets adds to the utility and ease of the cook!

Source: designbrainy

If you have pets at your home then we have something for them too. You can surprise your pet by building a beautiful tree house. You can buy artificial leaves, wooden barks, and branches and get them attached to the petite wooden house. Small perches and the cradle in the picture will add to the joy of your pet.

Source: hammacher

At your workplace or in the study room at your home, you will surely love to have a station which can serve multiple purposes and can adapt to all your work needs. Here is a uniquely designed work station suitable for multiple purposes. Provision of drawers on every side, adds to the storage capacity.

Source: legal24rnp.wordpress

So, want to have some real fun, then build a tiki bar at your home. You can install it in your backyard too. You just need some rustic stuff, few Christmas lights, lanterns and other decorative stuff you like to add in.  You can adjust the density of straws to build its roof.

Source: stopalik

If you have a small house and less storage space options then the best place to enhance storage capacity in your house is to build cabinets, shelves or drawers under the stair case. You can build them customized and according to your needs. You will observe that most of the mess from your home will get organized.

Source: tremost

Having a Gazebo in your garden is like a dream come true. It’s your very own private retreat for your family just a few steps away from your home. People spend a lot of money on gazebo; however, you can even build it on your own. There are a lot of customized Gazebo plans available in market too.

Source: ebay

Last but not least, is the best idea for people who love to travel and have adventures. Below is a tear-drop trailer, a road camper. It is most suitable for replacing frail tents and camping equipment. It has capacity for two to sleep and a kitchen, with all electric wiring and water facilities.

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