Creative DIY Ideas to Recycle Wooden Pallets


Your home is a place which is actually your kingdom. It is a place where you can actually play with a lot of materials and decorate it according to the moods and personalities of inhabitants. In this fast pacing world, you are always keeping a keen check on budget and do not want to get over boarded with lavish stuff. Today, we bring to you innovative, creative and awesome ideas to recreate perfect stuff out of wooden planks, palettes, and crate wood. You will feel thrifty and wise, fulfilling your house needs of having more space or essential furniture by spending almost nothing!


Take a look at this beautiful sitting place in a balcony, recreated out of crate wood and planks. The rustic look of wood complements the natural environment created in a small space. The wooden planters are adding a wonderful dash of colors into this petite balcony garden. The wooden recycled table top, along with pebbles laid down at the bottom, is perfect and cheap as well.

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This pyramid style wooden shelf gives a unique, fresh and contemporary look to the interior of your house. You can adjust the size and division of shelves according to your requirement. This will add to the beauty of your house and fulfill all of your storage needs in an organized way.

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This center table, recreated out of palettes and crate-wood is perfectly paired with this chocolate colored lounger, making the environment comfy and delectable. The planks are given a darker tone, matching the choco-lounger. However, you may alter the tones according to your color theme. Rural themed candle holder is aiding to the comfort in the air.

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Previously, you have seen furniture made out of planks and palettes, but you can also use that wood in building a station in your patio or backyard. You can recycle old wooden planks, color them or keep them natural wood-colored. This floor made from recycled wood, will be a treat to your eye and light on your pocket.

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You can create a perfect botanical garden using just palettes! Or can use these palette planters in your backyard, turning it into a thrifty kitchen garden. You have ample options to add in more space for holding tools and more pots at sides. Do not forget to lay down a plastic sheet on the bottom to avoid water spilling out, spoiling the wood.

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Wooden floors can never ever get out of fashion. They are perfect for the regions with cold weather. They not only insulate your floors and help to restore heat in your house but also add to the comfort and beauty. You have the option to reuse wooden planks, giving them a nice polish to increase durability.

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I would say, what is a thing on earth which you cannot make out of wood? Wood is a wonderful gift of nature for us. This beautiful wooden house is like a dream come true! Comfy and close to nature. Small wooden cottages are best for your out yard, out houses and guest houses.

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Pallet wood is the cheapest source for recycled furniture. Specially, its perfect for your balconies and garden settings. This whole garden sofa set is awesome. The cushions will fulfill the comfort factor. Lantern stand also made of palette wood will give a magical feel to your garden at night.

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