Creative Ideas to Re-purpose Old Stuff


Repurposing is an amazing way to utilize broken or waste household stuff and give your house a new look by making creative projects out of that trash. Your children often break things such as frames, cups, saucers, wall hangings, and decoration pieces that you never wanted to throw. Here we have bundled up some creative DIY ideas to revive that stuff into something more beautiful and crafty. With these easy and useful ideas you can transform the household trash into treasure. The projects are easy to understand and less time taking and allow you to repurpose the waste stuff into amazing crafts.

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We usually have artificial flowers fallen off from our artificial flower arrangements or artificial flower hangings, whenever you deep clean your house you will get plenty of them gathered from different nooks and corners. Don’t throw them, gather all of them and create this beautiful heart shaped hanging for your breakfast table. Especially when Valentine’s Day is approaching.

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Here we have presented a bit lengthy but worthy DIY project to repurpose waste magazines into something amazing. This DIY magazine basket project is ideal if you have plenty of time on your hands. View the tutorial for in-depth details of the project and you will love the idea.

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Do something playful with the broken plates, yes! What could be more useful than making your kids learn to tell time? All you need is a hole in the plate, cardboard, scissor and a marker. Involve your kid in the process so he knows that he or she is going to make one’s own clock.

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Now you can repurpose your old T- shirts with this amazing DIY project. You will be so inspired by the idea, that you will never throw again your worn out shirts. Your T-shirts can now they can now easily be turned into a funky kind of a doormat to decorate the inside of your dorm room.

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Bring the waste fabric back to life with this wonderful idea. Wrap the gift for your loved ones in floral printed fabric or any fabric that is worn-out but still some part could be reused. Imagine the delight to pass a beautifully packed gift to a loved one!

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Here In the below project is an easy and quick idea for Valentine’s Day decorations. This DIY Driftwood heart wreath is gorgeous, commendable and inexpensive and can be done in one afternoon. You will love the natural, artistic and rustic texture that enhances its appearance. You will love to create more out of it!

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An awesome DIY valentine’s day project is before you to express the delight and love. Craft this traditional Polish chandelier, from the bright, colorful, happy, playful, all things you love like the hearts, straws, pearls, and much more. This hanging love expression will become an eyecandy for everyone.

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Build a kokedama hanging planter for your house. Kokedama refers to Japanese garden art and recently it became very famous through the internet by the creative garden decorators and designers who are transforming houseplants into artistic expressions and objects.

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