DIY Easy and Tasty Recipes Ideas


You are in the right place if you have been searching for the creative recipes that are quick and sumptuous to serve.  You have to be really quick in the kitchen if you have frequent visits of guests. You can plan the snacks in a way to be served immediately before the guests. We suggest you prepare dressings and dips in advance so you are just left with the main preparation. Here we have congregated for you a list of some superb recipes that will leave a marvelous impression of your cooking abilities in front of your guests.


Serve your guest with a deliciously amazing recipe of roasted or steamed salmon. Just steam or grill the salmon till it gets orange or rust shaded. Serve that juicy salmon with canned chipotle chiles that come packed in their own flavorful adobo sauce, which adds a Smokey kick to the orange-glazed salmon.

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Check out this deliciously enriched recipe of Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti. This deeply flavored recipe only calls for 6 simple ingredients and is ridiculously delicious and comforting. This preparation will bring you a memorable time around the table that your family will love and cherish.

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So, today is a holiday and it’s very difficult to get out everyone from bed. So play a delicious trick and prepare these easy and quick chocolate-cherry cinnamon rolls. We bet that the tempting aroma of these decadent treats will get everyone out of bed in no time. Begin your day with the sweet and aromatic food treat.

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If you are tired of making traditional individual pizza bites with pita bread, muffins or tortillas, then try to twist with some different ingredients like hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and olives. They are a fantastic meal, and easy enough to serve before your kids as an afternoon snack.

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Salmon is all what we love to have when we are short of time and in hurry. There are many ways to spice up the salmon to really enjoy it as a treat. This roasted Asian glaze to the salmon with a healthy combination of grilled veggies would taste equally delicious on chicken or grilled veggies.

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Add a twist in the traditional recipe of French toasts. This superb and captivating recipe of Churro French toasts will definitely haunt your morning. They are the most surprising, most buttery and flavored recipe of French toasts you will ever have. You will live the coat of cinnamon sugar and cream cheese topping.

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Gratify your post workout cravings with this power veggie sandwich. Spread hummus on top of two slices of bread. Top with micro greens, cucumber, red pepper, avocado, carrots and lettuce and fall in love with this heartening veggie treat. You will love to have it again and again in times of troubling food cravings.

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Whip up a lovely breakfast with this fascinating recipe of nutritiously packed pancakes. The whole grain buttermilk pancakes will give a purposeful beginning to your day with positive energy. This recipe is super versatile to be conveniently served with any ingredient you love like honey, cherries or maple syrup.

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