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So you are having plenty of time this week and the kids are on vacations too. This is definitely going to be a fun-filled party time if you have decided to be creative and experimental in the kitchen. Kids must have demanded you to make their favorite desserts during vacations and definitely this is what moms meant to do. Wear your apron and be in action to be that awesome super mom who has those magical powers to bring kids fascination into reality. We have presented here a bundle of DIY cooking recipes, keeping in view the food choice of your family members particularly the kids with the sweet tooth and demanding tummies.

Pesto Grilled Shrimp- going to be the most mouthwatering recipe this summer. Cooking is difficult in summer season so meat on sticks could be the simplest food to cook. With merely having the meat, sticks, and fire you could cook this wonderful dinner for tonight. Add the charm by setting the stage in a patio or somewhere in the back yard.

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This yummy super bowl recipe is best fitted for the kids’ nutritional needs and taste. It has all ingredients to satisfy the spicy food lover kids and adults as well. The recipe is so simple to prepare with jalapenos, chicken, and spring onions.Ummmm what a delicious combination to be filed in puff pastries and served with the dipping sauce.

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If you are tired of serving the same breakfast menu of sandwiches every day, then try this delicious breakfast combination meal. Have all ingredients you love like chicken, eggs, peppers, onions and create these super yummy, quick and easy bread bowls. In just a few minutes you can surprise your family with this wonderful new look breakfast.

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Making Vegetable sandwiches is a great art and not everyone has the creativity to make them perfectly enriched and tasteful. Try the vegetable sandwiches with veggies soaked and misted with hummus. Hummus with Chickpea as basic ingredient is a very healthy choice and enriched recipe. The combination of vegetables and hummus will make sandwiches an unforgettable treat.

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Tired of the typical pancakes served with honey! Try this fully new recipe of sumptuous gluten-free latte pancakes served with pumpkin and honey syrup. The recipe has an entirely different combination of flavors and is best for the weight conscious members of your family.

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Surprise your hubby with this foodie expression of love served in breakfast. This will be such a sophisticated manifestation of your love and care that will be remembered lifetime. This love toast will become all-time favorite breakfast surprise for your hubby.

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Soups are the most desired recipe in cold shivery nights. Serve this nutritious hummus soup to your family tonight and be prepared for the compliments. It’s good, healthy and even better in taste on the second day as the flavors get meddled completely. Celebrate extreme cold with this tantalizing recipe.

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Try out this exciting recipe of DIY Crostini Pizza bars. This is a great recipe to repurpose leftovers from the last night dinner. These Pizza bars will add festivity to your evening snack time. The best combination will be with hot drinks in winter and fresh lime in summer.

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