DIY Home and Garden Glam up Ideas


A good looking, grand, impressive and luxurious living place is a thing everyone dream for. While one should know that comfort and grace are not at all a matter of space we have. Elegance and art could be fashioned even in a home of a single room. The only thing that matters is how we see things and present them creatively and artistically in the limited resources. The true creativity and wisdom only nurture in limited resources and imperfections. If you have a small living space then you can create that place an exquisite piece of art with your domestic wisdom and creative insight. Here we have presented some ideas to glam up your house within the available resources.


If you have a large garden and you want to utilize the space differently, then this above the ground pool deck design is ideal to follow. Create this relaxing spot and a cool landscape best for the parties and bonfires. After having this endearing space, your home will be the final destination for friends sleep over parties.

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Tired of old style sofas in the lounge? Just bring some change by modifying the existing design of the old sofa. Change the fabric covering, cushions and raise the level from the ground with these stylish supporting foots. This would transform the entire look of the sofa and you will be loving it again.

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Always make the living area near to kitchen and decorate it accordingly with the colors that give a neat and spacious look. Add the comfort with a lot of sitting options such as the sofas, couches, chairs, cushions, stools and much more like that according to your convenience.

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If you have renovated your indoor kitchen and got all new fixtures then don’t waste the previous ones. Use that old stuff and create the provision of an outdoor kitchen in the garden or patio. It will definitely be going to benefit you when you have a load of guests at home or a family barbecue party knocks your door.

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Never waste the surplus shelves, racks and storage boxes. You can perfectly use them to manage your garage workspace. Just give some finishing to the old stuff and reposition them to the garage area to organize the garage tools and space in more efficient and impressive way.

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Finishes, fixtures and appliances are not the only thing that add value to your kitchen design. It’s actually about how efficiently you are going to utilize the space allocated for kitchen area. Center Island kitchen design is very famous for being more versatile and spacious. Always use light colors in small kitchen area to enhance the look and grace.

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Add the grace to your spacious garden with this extraordinary marvelous garden pagoda idea. It will enhance the look of your house and make it more artistic and grand. It will also provide you with an amazing refreshing place to have an evening tea with family and enjoy some gossip.

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Create this natural and genuine outdoor sofa for your patio. This exquisitely charming outdoor furniture created from cheaply available pallet wood will become an eye candy of your house. Every family member will love to spend time and enjoy the relaxing time in patio on this amazing outdoor relaxing sofa.

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