DIY Home Decor Crafts Ideas


Here we present you some out of the box ideas to add a trendy look to your house with simple DIY craft ideas. There is no limit to the repurposing and reutilizing stuff into more eye-catching and useful things for your house. All the projects we have clustered below are simple, easy, affordable and highly creative. They will boost your creative skills and everyone will become fan of your imaginatively unique sense. Sometimes rearranging ordinary things uniquely change the entire vision. This is where the art lies, it’s all in simplicity where the whole creativity can emerge.  Follow the simple ideas presented below and bring amazing change to your house look.


Here in the below DIY project we have presented a simple idea to repurpose vintage doilies into the prettier cloche covers. Simply with the help of fabric stiffener you can transform the doilies into the cute adorable coverings for your next patio lunch. We are sure that you will definitely make more out of this idea.

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After creating this below project, you will love the cardboards and lamps DIY ideas. The benefit of cardboard is that it can be painted so perfectly that the viewer cannot guess that it is cardboard or actual wood. You can create this amazing geometrical cardboard lamp that will look like an expensive piece of art among your pother collection.

For DIY Details: instructables

Create this superb gold moon wall in one of the corner of your room. You will be so obsessed with this planetary theme that you will want such effects in all rooms of the house. The corner will be so imaginative and artistic that you will love to make it a perfect reading point for you.

For DIY Details: abeautifulmess

Brighten a basic colored lamp base with delicate doodles. A white Sharpie oil paint marker is the perfect tool to put your sketches in the spotlight. It will make your lamp look new and more adorable than before. These simple hacks can make the existing décor look tremendously unique.

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The self-made mirrors greatly enhance the impact of your home décor. Here we present you an amazing DIY idea to create a marvelous mirror by your own. With the right materials, you can easily decorate a mirror frame and use it either in the hallway or in the bathroom, bedroom, children’s room, etc.

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These decorated eggs will amazingly add a frisky feel to the ambiance in winter season. These simple projects will infuse your home with a breath of fresh country air. There are lot of ways in which you can perfectly depict your painting skills on these cute adorable egg shells.

For DIY Details: countryliving

Create this unique artificial flower vase simply with the help of paint brushes bundled into the shape of a flower holder. It will turn out to be an artistic center piece placed on the coffee table. Gather all your extra useless paint brushes and bundle up them into a vase shape.

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Create this unique gold faceted lamp for decoring your study table. yiu can create the one by simply painting the previous lamp or buying a new and painting it gold color.

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For DIY Details: minimalisti
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