DIY Tasty Cookies and Recipe Ideas


We love to be a creative chef on weekends but when food cravings knock us at the sudden, then these quick, delicious recipes would be perfect to try. These ready to serve no fuss recipes are best for both warm and chilly weather. You must be feeling hungry while viewing these irresistibly enthralling cookies, Pastas, Pastries, muffins and pancakes. Don’t plan to have them in expensive restaurants. You can make them as delicious in your own kitchen with your own hands without spending much money. Believe me! Your kids and hubby are gonna love you for these sumptuous mouthwatering treats.


What a great idea to try out these delicious Taquitos recipe at home. These Juicy, salty, crunchy Taquitos enriched with flavor are better than those you order in costly restaurants. These are so easy to make and ready to serve the guests with any sauce or creamy mayo dip.

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This unique recipe of Cheesy sweet and sour pomegranate Thai Chicken enchiladas will be on your top list after you give it a try. The recipe is tremendously enriched with flavor that nobody could resist this tempting dish. The uniqueness of this recipe lies in its sauce that is a combination of lime, Pomegranate juice and Thai Chilli sauce, all tossed with shredded chicken. Yummyyyyy.. you will definitely love the flavor and aroma

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Who can say no to these yummy little cone Pizzas served on the table tonight. This new trendy Pizza style is as fun to make as it is to eat.  These Cone Pizzas are great to be served in parties, gatherings, or even in dinner that is craving for something like junk food.

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Here we brought you a recipe from the healthy culture. We have talked a lot about the junk food and deep fried Tarquitos, now it’s time to be on a healthier side too. This combo treat is perfect for your days on clean eating. The delicious combination of sugar free biscuits topped with cream and any fruit of your choice will definitely become a fit hit in your diet.

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Here we present an awesome deep cocoa chocolate cake recipe for satisfying the sweet tooth of your family and guests. The cake is tremendously moist and fresh to have on the weekend night. This easy recipe is especially useful when you suddenly remember a forgotten birthday of your loved one.

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Try these Halloween candies at home and wow your guests in the upcoming Halloween. When you will show off your skills of making candies, cakes and other confections at home this Halloween, think how impressed your guests will be.

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This extraordinary incredibly tasty pasta in deep cheese sauce is great for those who have no worries for weight gain. Though, the chubby ones couldn’t resist it too. The recipe is not only enriched and splendid but also too easy to make that even kids can make. Garlic bread will be an add on in the taste.

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It’s difficult to cook for the crowd and more difficult to cook at the outside place on the picnics. The picnic food must be easy to carry, easy to store, easy to make and serve. This colorful tikka bites recipe could be the best option for the picnic as it just needs to assemble the things together and it is ready to serve. Food served on sticks is fun!

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