DIY Weekend Crafts Ideas to Decorate Your Home


Your home is just like your kids, that needs attention, care, pampering, love and affection. If you fail to make this bond of attachment with your home then you will never be able to feel the comfort and blessings of your home. Never ignore the care of your home in the stake of your professional career or busy schedule. Your home needs your time as your family does, a family makes home and the integrity of that home is from you. If you are a busy working woman, you can spend the weekend decorating your home and giving it a deep clean. You can try easy DIY weekend projects to décor your home easily without the hassle of buying expensive décor from the market. Here we have presented a bunch of weekend DIY projects for your home makeover. You will definitely be inspired enough to try them.


See, how beautiful is this DIY seashell candle holder. This awesome candle holder is simply created from clam shells left from seafood lunch. It’s a great idea if your family loves seafood and you bought plenty of it in your monthly grocery. This creative craft will definitely become the eye candy of your home.

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Create this wonderful, captivating floating floral bowl for one of the corners of your house. It will add liveliness and color to the ambiance. You can enhance the effect by using candles along with the florets. These tiny flower heads will look stunning when placed in birdbaths of your lawn.

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You can transform the simple paper lantern into the fancy ones by covering them with artificial flowers or fabric lace. There are thousands of ways to decorate the boring paper lanterns into more charming ones by these simple hacks.

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If you have an affinity for colors and shades then it’s the best idea to create such centerpieces by adding color into the water. They will look so refreshing and trendy that your friends will be the followers of this too. This weekend, spend some time creating this amazing rainbow flower arrangement and your home will smile back to you with compliments.

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Chrysanthemum is one of the most charming flowers due to its amazingly patterned petals and dark blue to fading blue color shade.  If you are inspired by the beauty of this flower then try to remodel the same pattern in the form of a mirror created with the spoons and then painting the spoons with the shades of Chrysanthemum flower.

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The art of quilling paper can be utilized in thousands of ways to create amazing projects to decorate your home. This can be a great free time fun to quill paper and craft amazing paper crafts for your home. Paper crafts look great In homes as they are funky and frisky is look. You can even involve your kids in quilling paper, they will love to do it.

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Create these amazing floral baskets at your home for the upcoming Easter this year. You can create the base from the floral foam fixed on a teacup saucer. Pin the handmade flowers or artificial roses in the sponge and use grapevines to be inserted in the sponge to create handle. You can use the basket for any purpose later on.

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So simple are these paper flowers to create this weekend. Spend the night watching television with the family and meanwhile creating these flowers to be hanged anywhere inside the living room, play area or the patios. Must try  this DIY project for your house this weekend.

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