Easy Desserts and Recipes for Summer


If you are tired of having same boring food every day out of your busy schedule then must view these recipes that we are presenting here to make your meals happy, tempting and easy. With these ideas and recipes, you can create memorable family meals and in-season suppers. Either fulfill your food cravings at home or brighten up your day with these super easy and mouthwatering recipes that will definitely make your day. No need to worry at all, Fix yourself with one of these delicious and creative food recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare, cook and serve.

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Here is the wonderfully quick and easy recipe of Teriyaki Shrimp, ideal to be served as an instant dinner. Simply prepare the Teriyaki sauce, marinade the shrimps and add the sautéed veggies, Cook the veggies, then the shrimp, then add the remaining sauce and the sumptious dinner is ready to be served.

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Cherish your mood with this yummy ‘coffee-shop style’ pumpkin bread which is so tasty. They are a fantastic and easy enough to serve before your kids as an afternoon snack and super easy to make! If you’re a chocolate lover then you will love, love, love this recipe!! Make it this weekend and your family will love it and love you as well.

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Want to have something unique and healthy in the breakfast! Then you will love to try this amazing recipe of Chilaquiles Egg Bake that pairs well with black beans. This creative twist on the breakfast classic offers more folate, protein, and fiber than traditional recipes. Instead of leaving your brunch table in a food coma, you’ll feel satisfied and energized.

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This sweet-spicy salad pizza recipe tops a crisp pizza crust with a salad of crunchy cabbage, mango and chicken tossed with a Vietnamese-inspired dressing made with fish sauce and lime juice. Be sure to serve the pizza right after you add the salad on top to keep the crust from becoming soggy.

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Energize your day with this fulfilling breakfast. Yes! This berry smoothie bowl is something that you would love to have in warm summer days. You can top your bowl of smoothie with your favorite fresh berries, granola, and pepita seeds, but the possibilities are endless! This versatile smoothie bowl base will complement just about any fresh fruit combination out there.

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A perfect summer dessert recipe, blue berry almond crisp is so simple and yummy dessert that your family will be craving for it every day. Simply bake them up into a brilliantly purple dessert, almond and oat topping and enjoy it for breakfast with yogurt and later, as dessert with ice cream. Repeat every day, all week. It’s summertime!

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Planning to prepare some yummy food dessert for the little ones? This recipe of blueberry donuts will be perfect. Your kids will love this cake-style donut that you bake (in a donut cake pan) flavored with fresh blueberries and a zesty lemony glaze. Not only are they delicious and adorable, they’re easy to make.

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