Elegant and Graceful Home Decor Ideas


We all want to make our homes better and beautiful and for this we need to be savvy and creative as well. Decorating a home needs a budget but more than budget it needs a fertile and creative mind who can think, innovate and then renovate wisely. You do not need to hire home decorators or experts from the market and spend money on the counseling and consultancy rather you should rely on your creative instincts. We are sure that you know your place and your pocket better than any other and it’s only you who can perfectly decorate your place. For your inspiration we have provided here some ideas and projects that will flare up your creative insight.

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This would be your perfect coffee table with enough storage capacity. Usually, center tables or coffee tables available in the market are not with sufficient storage capacity but, this customized DIY center table is really awesome and ideal for homes with limited space. Must craft this space efficient coffee table for your living area.

diy-ikea-kallax-coffee table-pretty-hack
For DIY Details: makescoutdiy

Give your room an amazing designer look with this elegant channeled headboard. Channeled headboards are very much in trend now due to their soft and warm look. There is no need to buy an expensive bed with channeled headboard from market when you can craft the similar at home with little technical skills.

For DIY Details: diynetwork

Sparkle your dinner parties with small creative touches. Simple project like shown in below picture really add impact and weightage to the décor of your home. Here in this project natural wooden stool or wooden block is decorated with flowers to give an industrial them to the dining area.

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In the below inspirational project, it is made quite clear that the style and elegance don’t have to be costly, the below project is made ideally classy out of things bought from the thrift store. This vintage wooden rack painted in rose wood color decorated with tall golden lamps. The whole theme is elaborated and magnified with an old rusty iron bed frame utilized in extremely unique and adorable way.

For DIY Details: ishouldbemoppingthefloor

Here is an artistic transformation of a boring bedroom into a stylish and trendy one. See, how beautifully the colors fabric and furniture is harmonized to give a comforting feeling to the room. A rustic contemporary retreat is created in very nominal budget that looks immensely elegant and classy. This design will surely invigorate your creative insight.

DIY: designdininganddiapers

Here is an interesting and much exciting project for the readers. After a specific time we usually become bore of our dining table design and want to revamp its look or either buy a new one from the market. Here is a simple elaboration of a dining table makeover that you will find very impressive and easy as well.

For DIY Details: shadesofblueinteriors

You will love this bedroom transformation into a cohesive and well synchronized ambiance. Selection of soft colors like blue, grey and white look immensely adorable and commendable. You can Add vibrant colors and hues to make it look more refreshing. Get motivated to create the right style for your bedroom with a unique style and personal twist.

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Whether your home is a small country cottage or you just want it to feel like one, enjoy a cozy refreshing living room retreat when you mix calming pastels, pretty florals, and vintage accessories. No matter your preference, this living room style idea will definitely help you decorate your place with flair.

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Mix high and low elements to create a stylish yet savvy studio apartment under budget. Let the light of the place flows in and out through numerous glass windows that set the light effect of the apartment, creating a magical atmosphere. A soft sofa invites to enjoy wonderful views of the outside and a comfortable feeling.

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Be generous while playing with colors, they really matter a lot and can really transform the whole shabby interior into much captivating and exciting ambiance as shown in below picture.  Discover how to give a look your own personal twist, which will make your place a showcase of your personality and style.

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You are crafty and that’s the best thing in the world one could have. Having creative mind and skillful hands are the most precious asset one could possess. Enjoy you creative flare and live your crafty side by having a cool work space of your own where you let you thoughts and ideas fly. Make your work space a reflection of your inner style and creativity.

For DIY Details: attagirlsays

Add some rustic wooden accent to one of your wall at the living room. Do not waste money on expensive wood paneling, instead, try the wall paneling with pallet wood. The rustic wooden impact will make your room lived up one again. If you succeed in wood paneling with pallet wood, try the same in any other corner of the house.

Source: shadesofblueinteriors

Redesign an old wooden chair by utilizing flat weave rug. Retain the rustic vintage theme of the chair and just amend the fabric. You will be amazed to see the change that this fabric will bring in the appearance of this vintage chair. You can decorate the chair at any place combining it with other elements like mirrors, shelves, cabinets or simply a wooden stool beside.

For DIY Details: diynetwork

Everyone aspire for a warm cozy bed in winters all loaded up with soft pillows, cushions and comforters. While you should not be messing up your bed with all winter stuff placed on your bed rather arrange them in a harmony that makes sense and look warming. Follow the winter bed design perfectly ideal for winter comfort.

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Most of us focus on main areas of the house while decorating the entire home and overlook the small pathways, corridors, arches and galleries. Here is an inspiration to trigger you vision for decorating a small corridor of your home. You can use variety of things like wall hangings, paintings, antiques etc. to create a thematic ambiance.

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