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Elegance and art need an imaginative mind who can see things from different perspectives. There are a lot of people who throw and waste things without thinking for a while, and there are few who think, wasting a single piece of scrap before discarding, just in case it could be turned into something useful and creative. The true creativity and wisdom only nurture in limited resources and imperfections. If you have a small living space then you can create that place an exquisite piece of art with your domestic wisdom and creative insight. Here we have presented some ideas to add the glam to your housekeeping within the available resources.

DIY Beautiful Crafts Projects Ideas - beaded chandelier wire baskets, paint chip mobile, duct tape pendant lamp, floral monogram, gold candle, butterfly cloches victorian cabinet, mason jars, sea glass

We all get fed up of the old lamp shades as they become shabby and dusty. Don’t waste them as you can transform them into something more adorable just with little crafty wisdom. You can use cheaply available colored scotch tapes and patterned duct tapes to cover the lamp shade and transform it into a superb duct tape pendant lamp.

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There are a thousand ways to glorify candles. You can makeover your candles and make them glow with grace. You can use the variety of stuff to decorate the candles like stones, pearls, buttons, jewelry pieces, lace, and glitters, but here we have presented a unique idea that is more easy and cheap, yes the gold thumb tacks, are the perfect to beautify white candles. You will love the idea.

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Create the butterfly cloches, capture a Victorian dome cabinet and display your butterfly hunting’s in that glass dome cabinet. This is an amazing idea to relish your unique butterflies collection and display them before people.

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Adding little accessories to our homes is always exciting and more fulfilled with hand made things. Surprise your house with this floral monogram that will be very eye catching and adorable. You can use any colored flowers that go with your color scheme.  this floral monogram will become eye candy of your home.

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Try out this embellished beaded chandelier DIY project in very reasonable cost. Rather than buying an expensive chandelier base, you can use hanging wire baskets that serve perfectly as the base for this beaded chandelier. With everything available, you can create the one in almost three hours.

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Surprise your loved one with something crafty and amazing like these wine bottle Tiki Torches. If you have some beautiful empty wine bottles at home then must try this lovely DIY idea. It will surprise you and your friends when you will lit them in your bonfire party.

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This DIY gold leaf vase project id idea for those who love glass painting. These vases would be a great way to add a little pop of gold into your home. By simply using a gold paint and painters tape you can craft these expensive looking gold leaf vases that will be praised by everyone.

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Create a green thumb with an exotic, blooming terrarium. They’re the easiest horticulture projects to make and maintain. This would be a great activity for someone with a physical or an emotional disability that makes it more difficult for them to go outside. It also has the healing impact, but in a more accessible way.

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