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Decorating your home elegantly and stylishly is a hectic challenge. Although if you have a high budget and money is not a problem for you then you can buy all that expensive and lavish furniture available in the market. This will make your house look grand and royal but will never reflect your personal style statement and creativity. With money, everyone can decorate and beautify a house. The real challenge is to glam up your house in low budget. Decorating on a tight budget is something that will invite all your creative energies to unite and do some wonders to give your house a beautiful look. Here we have gathered some ideas that will guide your instincts to decorate your house perfectly.

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Whether you are fond of bright colors, modern themes or conventional styles, these ideas are so amazing and captivating that you will love to practice them in your space to create a comfort home of your own that is lavish, trendy and artistic too. You don’t have to follow a specific approach to be creative, just follow your inner instincts and do whatever your heart likes.

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Glam up your room with a pinkish hue and don’t get afraid to utilize different tones of pink. From baby pink to the hot pink and shocking pink, all pink hues can significantly impact the way your room looks. Pink can be a great surprising addition that will transform the entire theme into the chic one.

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Rustic decors are eye candy nowadays. Everyone loves this rustic industrial decor theme. Rustic themes look more appealing in winter so, we advise you to add a little rustic charm to your home this winter. Play with the theme and submerge the decor with a touch of wood, a little marble, a lot of copper and a multitude of motifs.

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Utilize the waste boat scrap and transform the structure into a unique banquette seating as shown in below picture. The idea is very simple and can be accomplished with the help of a carpenter or you can even do it by yourself if you have good craftsmen hands. The seating furniture would definitely be a style statement of your creative vision.

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Winter breeze at its peak always stimulate the desire for a cozy, warm living space. We all want a winter makeover for our bedroom. Here we have presented a cozy winter themed bedroom whose cozy warm look is so inviting and captivating that you will also want to transform your bedroom on the same rustic brown pattern.

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We usually love to have a large LED screen in our TV Lounge but unfortunately this large screen will dominate the décor theme of whole living area. To avoid this domination, we present here a unique window frame to cover the TV concealment unit and maintain the theme continuity.

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This beautiful and bright apartment is the splendorous reflection of a feminine décor theme. The dark contrast colors with a fine touch of gold and pink hues in the wall colors, floors and fabric bring together colors in perfect harmony. This is something you can also do to your living area.

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Always blend creativity with style. Here we have presented a unique idea to craft this black and white expressive graphic DIY pillow cover. This craft will complement your black and white color scheme and give an expression to the decor in the form of signature expressed on a cushion cover.

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Here we present an idea to utilize your wasteful old rustic table and chairs in a wonderful way that no one will believe. If you have lot of old rustic furniture! Then make it your style statement, gather all that stuff and organize them to create a whole theme, complement that furniture by buying some more to fill the gaps, like an old trunk and a rustic lamp will be a good addition.

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Brighten up your living room decor with some great inspirational ideas. Like here in the below project this shabby looking shelf is utilized in a way that added life into its placement. If it was simply place with nothing ornamental, then it would just look like a piece of scrap. But here we have complemented and given a theme to this shelf by decorating back wall with different book covers that really made the corner outstanding.

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Here we have for you a spectacular bedroom design, located under a beautiful wooden ceiling that seems to float over it, looks cozy despite its size, and the glass wall floods the bed with sunlight. Get motivated to create the right style for your bedroom with a unique style and personal twist.

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Craft this exquisite and trendy coffee table with your own technical skills and imaginative mind. This table design is awesome especially to complement the farm house décor. Apparently it is looking a very expensive and complicated project, but if you observe in detail you will realize that it is not much complicated as it looks.

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See how beautifully you can give an elegant look to your living room just with some new varieties of things. Never get hard on yourself if you can’t figure out what to do with the furniture, what colors should you pick and what sort of accessories will look fine and trendy. Remember! It takes patience and trial and error to create your dream home.

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Kitchen is the heart of any home and it must look inviting and captivating, it should look happy and lively to keep the mood on. Add vibrant colors and hues to make it look refreshing. Here in this picture a beautiful blend of industrial and farmhouse theme is presented as an inspiration for you to try the same.

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The living room is the basic center of your home since this is where people meet such as your friends. This is, therefore, the space in the home that will leave a long-lasting impact on the visitors to your home. It is, therefore, crucial that you ensure that you increase the perspective of your living room.

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