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You are at the right place if you have been searching for the creative recipes that are quick and sumptuous to serve. You have to be really quick in the kitchen if you have frequent visits of guests. You can plan the snacks in a way to be served immediately before the guests. We suggest you prepare dressings and dips in advance so you are just left with the main preparation. Here we have congregated for you a list of some superb recipes that will leave a marvelous impression of your cooking abilities in front of your guests.

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Here we have for you the most amazing and most flavorful recipe of the year that is Roasted Chicken + Smoked Gouda Enchiladas with the sumptuous Fire Roasted Tomatillo Cranberry Sauce. This is going to be the best holiday recipe and nothing is more delicious in the world than this superb crane berry sauce.

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Here we have presented for you a hit summer time recipe that you can cherish with butter and garlic flavor and aromatic sautéed spinach. This could be a perfect quick dinner as it takes only few minutes preparation and the main thing is marinating that you can do a day before.

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So, today is a holiday and it’s very difficult to get out everyone from bed. So play a delicious trick and prepare these easy and quick BANOFFEE PIE PAVLOVA. We bet that this sweet banana and toffee combination with the tempting aroma of these decadent treats will get everyone out of bed in no time. Begin your day with the sweet and aromatic food treat.

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These colorful lovely Peppermint Oreo Truffles, are the perfect holiday and festivity treat. They are best to be served before the kids in the party as they look very delicious and mouthwatering, they are extremely easy to make. And once you try them, you will be making them after every second day upon the request of your kids.

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Kick start your day with this protein enriched French baked toast and eggs in cream. This is a unique presentation of one of the most common breakfast items that are simply the egg and toast. But here the bread and toast are combined, cooked, flavored and topped in an entirely superb way that can make your day!

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Salmon is all what we love to have when we are short of time and in hurry. There are many ways to spice up the salmon to really enjoy it as a treat. This roasted Asian glaze to the salmon with a healthy combination of grilled veggies would taste equally delicious on chicken or grilled veggies.

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Banana bread donuts is one of the most favorite and adored breakfast recipe. This recipe is super versatile to be conveniently served with any ingredient you love like honey, cherries or maple syrup. These donuts are freshly baked, awesomely soft and delicious.

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