Pretty Crafty Ideas for Your Home


If you are a person who value handmade things, and love to load the house with self-made crafts then, here we have presented various DIY projects that will help you to craft such adorable and artistic pieces that everyone will appreciate and compliment. The best thing about crafts is that they are unique and not everyone can have them. If you have an imaginative mind and an artistic insight then you are able to transform anything surplus and waste into a valuable and praiseworthy thing. So, below listed ideas will greatly benefit those who are looking to create something unique this weekend. Pick a project for the weekend and create something surprising and useful for your home.

Beautiful Crafts Projects Plans - colorful embossed vase, simply candleholder, spring wreath, branch tree decor, handmade wooden ribbon box, crochet donuts free pattern, masor jar vintage bride gift

If you are disappointed by the look of your front porch and want to add some style and art then create this adorable spring wreath from the surplus stuff you think can be reused into something beautiful and eye catching. Do it with a grand vision, it’s going to look great.

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Give plain vases and glasses a quick and colorful update with this fun and simple technique! Use your embossing machine for more than just paper crafts with this vase DIY home decor idea. Embossed glossy vinyl is a really easy way to add some sophisticated shine, texture, and color to a plain vase.

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Want to impress everybody you know? Learn how to make this Handmade Ribbon Box with simple and easy steps. The first thing you want to do is cut all your wood to size. This is going to be a small box, so you won’t need much wood.

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Mason Jar Craft is an adorable DIY Vintage Jar and Printable for the romantic bride! This jar is designed to give the bride the traditional wedding’s keepsakes: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. You can make this adorable gift in under thirty minutes and it is perfect for bridal showers… Too cute!

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Don’t you think handmade decorations adds a little something to a house? Whether you’ve made them or you’ve bought them, I think it makes your decor look so much more personal and unique. And of course everyone want one’s house to be unique and pretty. This handmade crochet pillow will definitely add beauty to your existing décor.

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This DIY floral globe is going to be your best weekend project that you can proudly boast by placing it at your study table or anywhere you find appropriate. Everyone will adore your creativity and imagination for beautifying an old globe with the adorable floral print.

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I am going to show you a super fun DIY project. I will show you how you can save money in two ways:   DIY your pendant light and use energy smart super bright LEDs. Oh, what a fun project it is. It is a little bit time consuming but worth doing.

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