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Cooking is easy if you clearly know what should be on the table at the end of the day. Especially if your kids are a foodie and always demand desserts, cakes, and cookies then it becomes very difficult for you to prepare these additional items with the regular meals. But being a good mom you also want to satisfy the sweet tooth of your kids. keeping in view a load of work on you, we have made your task easy by providing you a list of dishes that you can prepare in very less time and budget.


This Incredibly delicious Pizza recipe will be extremely tempting and mouth tantalizing for gratifying foodie time of your kids. The shredded chicken sauted in bufalo sauce when tossed on Pizza dough with Cheese topping will energize the whole ambiance.

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This sumptious Pizza Dip is so creamy and flavory that your Children and guests will love to have it. Snack time wil become much awaited with this quick and easy recipe brougt here especially  for you. The perfect combination of cream, seasonings and pepperoni will be so enriched to satisfy the apetite.

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It’s going to be the best treat for the potato heads. People unfamiliar with this Cheesy Bacon Potato will definitely fall in love and yearn for more. This could be served as and additional dish along with the grilled meat. It is actually a loaded potato that will certainly be awesome in taste. we guarantee you the success of this tempting dish.

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Try out this amazing recipe that has amalgamated garlic bread with the bacon dip. The recipe will make your coffee time relaxing and nourishing with this warm aromatic recipe. Friends and family would love to have plenty of it. In winters, You can serve it with tea or coffee while lemonade will best complementing this treat in summer.

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Best combination snack to serve the guests that are visiting on short notice. These lovely basil, goat cheese  Marcona almond stuffed apricots wrapped in prosciutto are also best for the pool and sleep over parties. The recipe will be a big hit and depict your creative cooking skills. Get ready to be highly appraised by friends and family for preparing this yummy snack.

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We are presenting you this delightful recipe to add festivity in the winter gatherings at your home. This incredible dish is adored for the extra flavor from a homemade chipotle aioli rather than just the usual plain old mayonnaise. The best part is that it’s so quick and easy to make and serve. No one could stand away from the table when this attractive snack is served.

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We can’t actually tell you here that how mouth watering is this sweet summer dessert. This banana pudding is all time favorite.  Here in the details, you can find how we made it quicker and easy for you. Guests from all age groups are gonna love it on your table. Add figs, cram and bananas on the topping and love this adorable dessert.

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